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Moroccan Mat Rug

Hassira Rug Mat Moroccan Mat Rug (6.3 ft x 7.9 ft)

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 Hassira Rug Mat Moroccan Mat Rug (6.3 ft x 7.9 ft)

Hassira Mats are the works of art where every Berber woman of Tribal Regions tells their story. This mat is hand-woven out of palm fiber and Embroidered with wool, featuring a great richness of the pattern with the shades of red on a natural beige background and a simple geometric ornament. This stylish, distinct mat will bring visual warmth and comfort to your home atmosphere, and create a unique ambiance of North African legend in your living space. Use this mat as a runner in the hall or a kitchen, or decorate your tile or wood floors with it. An ideal addition to any bedroom or a library

Dimensions: 193 cm x 243 cm = 6.3 ft x 7.9 ft

Material: Wool , straw; Leather trim 

Ref: HSR51-KHV