Mauritanian rug 6.7 X 9 Feet Tuareg rug

Mauritanian rug 6.7 X 9 Feet Tuareg rug

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This unique Tuareg mat woven out of plant fibers and strengthened by camel leather serves as a floor covering inside the nomadic tent keeping alive the traditions of nomadic lifestyle. The mat’s sacred geometry reflects spiritual presence of African wisdom projecting the powerful meaning of the Saharan nature. The mat can be installed in any modern space bringing traditional dimension to the interior.

Dimensions : 206 CM X 276 CM = 6.7 FT X 9 FT


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Tuareg mats are more than just floor coverings, they are symbols of nomadic culture and tradition. Woven from plant fibers and fortified with camel leather, the mats connect the nomads to their past and preserve their way of life for future generations. The intricate patterns and sacred geometry represent the spiritual wisdom and deep knowledge of nature that the nomads possess. When placed in a nomadic tent, the mats reflect the cultural wealth and stories that have been passed down for generations. While traditionally part of nomadic life, the mats can also enrich modern homes, transporting their owners to the ancient dimension of tradition. Having a Tuareg mat is not just about decor, it invites a piece of cultural history and spirituality into one's life, reminding us that the wisdom of the past can thrive and enrich our present.

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