Tuareg Mat (5.4 ft x  6.9 ft)

Tuareg Mat (5.4 ft x 6.9 ft)

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Tuareg mat, (5.4 ft x  6.9 ft)

Historically, the Tuareg nomadic tribes developed their own life style which is reflected in the wisdom of their scarce living conditions with practical tents and durable movable possessions. In the absence of furniture, the reed mats served as multifunctional objects. Simple, practical and esthetically pleasing, these unique objects of tribal art come to the modern Western life, charging our interiors with nomadic simplicity, ancient beliefs and traditional artistic expression. This terrific reed mat with ethnic ornament can be used as a covering for tile, wood or stone floors in living areas inside or outside your home.

Name of product: Tuareg mat

Dimensions:  167 cm x 212 cm = 5.4 ft x  6.9 ft

Material: Natural Reed & Leather 

Ref: STAH12-X

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