Tuareg rug 6.2 X 9 Feet

Tuareg rug 6.2 X 9 Feet

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This striking Mauritanian reed and leather mat is a characteristic example of African ethnic art that features traditional symbolism. The mat contains a unique pattern with intricate details and simplicity of the form. The mat can be used in a number of ways: as a floor covering in your kitchen or a study, at picnic or on the beach.

Dimensions : 192 CM X 277 CM = 6.2 FT X 9 FT


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This Mauritanian reed and leather mat is a masterpiece that carries the rich heritage and artistic traditions of Africa. The pattern on the mat's surface symbolizes the interplay of tradition and innovation in African culture. Each element of the mat's design tells a meaningful story of African ancestry, community and connection to the land that creates visual harmony. The mat pays homage to timeless African esthetics while embracing contemporary flair. If you bring this mat into your home, it can transform the space into a gallery of African heritage that enriches your daily life. The mat's versatility allows it to accompany you outdoors as well, carrying the soul of African heritage. Overall, this mat opens the door to cultural exploration and appreciation while reflecting the adaptability of Africa that has continuously evolved. The mat serves as a tangible piece of African heritage, a connection to African traditions and stories that tributes the past, celebrates the present and bridges continents, cultures and time.

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