These are handwoven with palm and leather from the Tuareg tribes of Sahara Mauritania



When we build and design our home we put in all our efforts to make it beautiful and perfect. Rugs and carpets plays an important role in this designing and decorating process for interiors in our home.

And so we bring the best collection and variety in Tuareg mats with the finest designs to impart immense beauty in your home and living. Our store also have the original Mauritanian rugs that originate from Sahara Desert and Mauritania.

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Why do tuareg mat are a must-have  in your interior design ??

Why do tuareg mat are a must-have in your interior design ??

Tuareg Mats, knowing by it vintage look and autenthic charm that compliment the great history of nomadic saharian culture ,added to the witness list of the wide range of traditional moroccan rugs, and reflect another aspect of the diversity of age-old traditional artisanal charming and unique moroccan living style
What is Tuareg Mat ?

What is Tuareg Mat ?

Moroccan rugs, a home made creation, known by its varieties and authentic charm that enchant and varies from a Moroccan rug to another, where creativity, passion, geographic and cultural belonging, meets the natural materials to realise a stunning piece of art.