Moroccan area rug, tuareg mat

Vintage African Rug

The original Mauritanian rugs that originate from African Sahara Desert and Mauritania.

Vintage Tuareg Rug

Handmade and vintage Authentic Nomadic Tuareg mat

Moroccan tuareg rug

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Moroccan Hassira rug

This collection is very unique.

What Is a Tuareg Rug?

A Tuareg rug features a geometric pattern and rustic appeal. The Tuareg people, a small Berber tribe, live in Northern Africa. Their economy relies heavily on trade and textiles, and Tuareg rugs are created according to centuries-old traditions. If you are considering buying a Tuareg rug for your home, read on to learn more about its features. This rug can be a unique addition to any room.

The Tuareg tribes of the Sahara are the originators of this rug. These tribes use reed, palm, and camel leather to create their mats. These mats are highly durable and are suitable for use in warm weather or as a base for a wool rug. Since they are durable, Tuareg rugs can be used year-round, allowing you to layer a wool rug over the top during the cooler months.

A Tuareg Mat is a unique type of Moroccan rug. It combines strong cultural symbols with traditional design to provide a Moroccan feel. It also has a strong historical background and can stand up to the harsh elements of the Sahara. It is a great choice for outdoor areas, and makes an excellent choice for outdoor rooms. If you're looking for a unique piece of Moroccan furniture, then a Tuareg rug is the perfect choice.

The Tuareg people are a semi-nomadic group from northern Africa. They are the descendants of the legendary Queen Tin Hinan, who unified tribes and led the expansion of Tuareg people in the south of Algeria. While Tuareg culture has suffered from political and economic turmoil over the years, their cultural traditions and arts remain intact. This makes them one of the most interesting tribes in the world. The Tuareg people have the quintessential warriors of the desert, so there is no doubt that their rugs will be treasured for generations to come.

Authentic, these Moroccan rugs are the perfect addition to any room. Their rich history and unique design make them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Nomadic people in the Sahara desert woven these rugs for centuries. Each woman weaves her story into the design, and each rug is unique in its own way. As a result, each piece of this beautiful rug carries cultural significance. The history of each rug tells a story.

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