Tuareg Rug

Authentic North African Tuareg rug, made of Natural reed and leather are made with the finest quality camel leather, which is stitched with the Tuareg mat. The experts stitch the mat with perfection and the finishing of the carpet is perfect. It is available in the natural shades of reed and camel. Traditionally the Tuareg mats were not dyed and so the vintage Tuareg mats are available in their real shades  .
African Rugs have been a consistent top choice among romantic and adventurous consumers searching for the perfect unique accent piece to add romance and interest to their spaces. With an expansive range of styles and colors, from simple woven floor rugs to intricately detailed hand woven rugs the market is a diverse one. From braided wood to symmetrical floral patterns to brightly colored and detailed patterns, the list of styles and colors is endless. Affordable easy care, high traffic areas and professional appearance - there is no better choice for adding flair to a room than an African rug. This exotic home accent has an extensive history and colorful present. Woven rugs not only reflect the rich history of our African continent but also the rich diversity of our people.
A tuareg rug can be a beautiful, unique and functional addition to any home. Unlike rugs of other types, a tuareg is not merely functional, but serves an artistic purpose as well. These are hand woven, square shaped, woven carpets that are made in the arid Sahara Desert. Made by the Bedouins of Morocco, a tuareg can be crafted into a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns, each one uniquely its own. To most people, a tuareg would be a functional piece of furniture or accent that is not to be used as a decorative element, but rather as a tool for decoration and utility.
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