A Beginner's Guide to Custom Moroccan Round Rugs

Are you looking to add a touch of exceptional elegance to your house decor with a custom Moroccan spherical rug? These beautiful, hand-made rugs have been a staple of Moroccan design for hundreds of years, and now you could bring their splendor into your house. In this newbie's guide, we will walk you through everything you need to recognize about custom Moroccan spherical rugs, from their records and significance to recommendations on selecting the best rug for your area.

What are Moroccan round rugs?

Moroccan round rugs, additionally called Beni Ourain rugs, are a type of traditional Moroccan rug made by the indigenous Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are handwoven from herbal wool and are recognized for their one-of-a kind geometric styles and luxurious pile. Each rug is a unique work of artwork, with problematic designs that inform the tale of the weaver's tribe and heritage.

Why choose a custom Moroccan round rug?

Custom Moroccan round rugs are the perfect way to add a hint of heat and a way of life to your house decor. These rugs are versatile and may complement an extensive variety of interior patterns, from bohemian to trendy. By choosing a custom rug, you can pick the dimensions, shades, and styles that are exceptional in shape for your area and personal style. Plus, every rug is a one-of-a-kind piece, which is a good way to add character and charm to any room.

Round rug

How do I choose the perfect custom Moroccan round rug?

When deciding on a custom Moroccan spherical rug for your private home, recollect the following factors:

  1. Size: Determine the size of the rug primarily based on the dimensions of your room and the fixture format.
  2. Color: Choose a color palette that complements your existing decor and provides a warm temperature for the distance.
  3. Pattern: Select a pattern that reflects your personal fashion and provides visual interest to the room.
  4. Quality: Check the first-rate of the rug, such as the substances used and the craftsmanship of the weaving.

Where can I buy custom Moroccan round rugs?


You can discover custom Moroccan round rugs at strong point rug stores, online retailers, and artisan markets. Look for sellers who work at once with Moroccan artisans to ensure the authenticity and pleasantness of the rugs. You can also recall commissioning a custom rug from a professional weaver to create a really specific piece for your home.


A custom Moroccan round rug is a lovely and timeless addition to any home. With their wealthy history, unique designs, and remarkable craftsmanship, these rugs are sure to end up being a cherished centerpiece in your space. Whether you're seeking to upload a hint of class in your dwelling room or create a comfy studying nook in your bedroom, a custom Moroccan rug is the perfect addition to your private home decor. Start your search these days and bring the splendor of Morocco to your property with a stunning custom round rug.