A Moroccan Carpet From African Tribes

If you're looking for an authentic Moroccan carpet, consider buying a Tuareg rug. Made from high quality materials, they're suitable for both traditional and modern settings, and are a great choice for a gift. They are also rich in history and cultural significance, so your guests will be amazed at how well your new carpet matches your home decor. And what's best? You can purchase one as a souvenir to give as a gift to family and friends!


A traditional tuareg rug is a piece of art that originated from the Berber tribes in northwest Africa. These hand-knotted rugs are made of tough materials, including palm fibers, ash wood, grass, and leather. Originally, these mats were used to protect themselves from the harsh Saharian climate. Today, tuareg rugs are available in a variety of designs and colors, including bohemian styles and natural brown.

Large tuareg rug

Authentic Tuareg rugs are made from fine leather and reed. They are a traditional piece of art that exudes the ambiance of tribal living. The Tuareg people, live in northern Africa and are nomads. Their economy revolves around trade, and textiles are one of the primary means of income. The weaving technique remains unchanged from generation to generation.

The Tuareg mat has been used by nomadic tribes in Africa for centuries. They are often painted with images or designs of the tribe. These pieces are perfect for displaying a cultural heritage or as a beautiful gift for family and friends. You'll love the intricate designs and quirky details of this unique item. Whether you're decorating your living room, your dining room, or your front porch, a Tuareg rug will be the perfect choice.

The Tuareg people believe that they are the descendants of legendary Queen Tin Hinan, who led the expansion of their tribe to the big saraha. This culture has survived political turmoil and is evident through breathtaking arts and music. These people are truly warriors of the desert. So, why not buy a traditional tuareg rug for yourself or a loved one? You'll be glad you did!


A Tuareg rug is a traditional piece of art from North Africa. Made from palm fiber, leather, and dyed strips, these tribal rugs are both functional and beautiful. The earthy brown color and geometric pattern make them a unique piece of art. Decorative rugs like this one have a long shelf life and can withstand the elements for decades. Whether used inside or outdoors, they are durable and ecologically friendly.

Because of their durability and adaptability in terms of style, Tuareg rugs are a great addition to any home decor. Whether used as a living room rug or as an accent in a bedroom, these rugs are an excellent way to express your unique personality. They're a unique way to show off the culture of the Tuareg people and add vibrancy to your home.

Tuareg rugs are woven and geometric, and have a rustic appearance that adds character to any room. Tuareg tribes are nomads and live in the arid areas of Morocco and the Mauritanian Desert. Their economy is based on trade and textiles. The Tuareg rugs have an impressive history and are durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. They're an excellent layering element for any space.

Vintage tuareg rug


A hand-woven Tuareg rug is a classic piece of home decor. These rugs are made from reed bound in goatskin leather and are handcrafted by tribes of the Tuareg region of North Africa. These rugs are characterized by geometric patterns and dabbled stains and have an ancient, pre-industrial look. They are an excellent choice for your home, and they are made to last.

A Tuareg rug is a beautiful accent piece that will elevate the look of your home interior with its woven and geometric patterns. Handwoven by African tribals in Mauritania, this rug features an old tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Made from reed and decorated with woven leather strands, these rugs are durable and designed for use in the desert climate. Named for a large ethnic confederation of Saharan tribes, the Tuareg region has a climate that is often extremely hot and dry.

Unlike the more popular African rugs, a Tuareg mat is hand-woven by women. These rugs are unique, displaying a profound connection with nature and the environment. The Tuareg women weave these rugs using natural materials such as palm leaves and reeds. Some of them use leather strands as adornments and even powerful symbols. The hand-woven Tuareg rug is made to stand up to the elements and is an excellent choice for interior design and floor covering.

Geometric patterns

This beautiful and durable Tuareg rug was handcrafted by the Tuareg tribe in North Africa. Made from reed, this carpet contains geometric patterns and Berber symbols, making it a treasured piece for any home. The colors and patterns used on these rugs give off a pre-industrial feel, and they are available in a variety of colors and designs. Geometric patterns are a popular motif for these rugs, and the Tuareg rug is one of the most beautiful examples of these rugs.

This handcrafted Tuareg rug is decorated with geometric symbols and interlocking shapes, making it a true work of art. Tuareg rugs are among the most popular and expensive antique artistic pieces in the world. These rugs are a reflection of the way of life for the Tuareg people in every region of Morocco. Whether you're looking for a contemporary or traditional look for your home, the geometric patterns on this African tribal rug will add a touch of style and personality to your decor.

The Tuareg people are small Berber tribe living in Northern Africa. Their economy is based on trade and textiles. This unique rug is handmade and made with centuries-old traditions. Its geometric patterns and earth-toned color make it perfect for summer and can be covered with a woolen rug in winter. Tuareg rugs are considered beautiful works of art, and have a unique aesthetic and bohemian feel.

Earthy colors

Tuareg rugs are a beautiful and affordable way to add ethnic touches to your home. Known as the Tuareg because of their geographic location, this rug is known for its intricate designs, whimsical details, and reasonable price. While it is perfect for any room in your home, it is especially great for outdoor areas. This tribal rug is also resistant to harsh weather conditions from the Sahara.

Tribal rug

The Tuareg are an ancient tribe from the Saharan region of North Africa. They call themselves Imohag, or free men, and speak their own script, Tifinagh. The earthy colors of this rug make it a striking, unique piece of art. You will be amazed at how beautiful it looks in your home.

These rugs are made by nomadic Amazigh tribes. The wool used in these rugs is of superior quality, and is often left undyed. They are often decorated with irregular black or brown linked diamonds and abstract symbols in a white or ivory background. This is a unique style that is highly sought after by collectors. Amazigh women continue to produce these rugs today.