Add a Wild Moroccan Touch to Your Decor With a Tuareg Rug

Known as Tuareg mat Sahara, these artistic Moroccan rugs invoke the charm and magical heritage of Morocco’s south. They combine strong cultural symbols and traditional design with a wild style that is sure to make a statement in your home.

Tuareg rug

They are renowned for their durability and resilience. Frequently made of natural fiber, reed and leather, these hand-woven rugs were designed to stand up to some of the world’s harshest temperatures.

  • Origins
The Tuareg rug is a unique and delightful rug that originated within the Sahara vicinity of Morocco. It is woven with a number of exclusive materials.

Tuareg mats are also made from reed and embellished with complex goat or camel leather-based bands. These rugs are incredibly durable and have been used for generations to help human beings live on the harsh wasteland weather.

Tuareg rugs are a tremendous way to beautify the style and decor of any home. They are available in quite a few shades and designs, so that you can locate one that fits your fashion and tastes. They also are smooth to care for and could look properly for decades to come back. They can be determined in a wide range of on-line shops at affordable fees.

  • Materials
As the name shows, a Tuareg mat is a creative paintings of art made by using the Tuareg human beings of Morocco. They are made with palm reed and leather-based, which gives them a completely unique look.

They are regularly woven in sun shades of beige and brown, with easy geometric patterns and Berber symbolism. These carpets are also very long lasting.

These rugs are a extremely good alternative for those who want to contain a extra natural look at their domestic. The earthy colorings and Berber symbols are also a first-rate suit for many cutting-edge styles.

While tribal Moroccan rugs vary from city Rabat carpets that derive from Arab rug-making traditions, ambitious and attractive geometric designs are determined in lots of rural areas at some point of Morocco. But the Azilal region, extending north of the High Atlas to the Middle Atlas' southern foothills, provides the various maximum sought-after, heavily embellished rugs.

  • Designs
Vintage Tuareg rugs characteristic geometric designs that are harking back to Berber symbols. They additionally contain soothing pastels or vibrant jewel tones that upload a pop of color to any room.

These rugs are crafted from reed, which has been woven through the Tuareg tribes in North Africa, Niger, Mali, Libya, Algeria and Burkina Faso. They are tremendously long lasting and one-of-a-kind.

They are a brilliant preference for those seeking to add an proper touch to their domestic decor. These rugs also are smooth to maintain and easy, making them the ideal addition to any home.

Like other kinds of kilim rugs, Tuareg rugs can be found in specific patterns and shades. They may be utilized in each indoor and out of doors areas and have a country attraction.

  • Colors
A Tuareg rug is a great way to feature a hint of Morocco to your own home. These rugs are home made through the Tuareg girls of the Sahara and are made to remaining within the harsh barren region weather.

The hues used to make those rugs are beautiful and will bring a unique look to any room. They are also a superb investment.

These rugs are made from reed and camel leather, adorned with braided strands. These strands are long lasting and especially sturdy, which is why these rugs are considered to be one of the first-rate Moroccan art portions.

  • Appearance
The Tuareg mat is a definitely precise choice for any interior design. Traditionally woven by using the nomadic Tuareg tribes of northern Africa the usage of palm reed and camel leather-based, these rugs characteristic easy, yet powerful symbols a good way to add a putting touch to any decor.

The colours utilized in these rugs variety from Smooth beige to dark brown that could instantly transform any space. These rugs are also incredibly durable, which makes them an remarkable desire to be used year-spherical.

The Tuareg rug is a incredible addition to any home, and it is a brilliant manner to deliver Moroccan culture into your decor. These rugs are crafted with difficult geometric designs that encompass diamonds, squares, and other shapes formed into repeating styles or rows.