Classy, majestic and different, that's why Moroccan rugs are a perfect addiction

Moroccan tuareg rug
The Traditional Moroccan rugs, a traditional and valuable heritage, from different tribes that introduce and represent their culture, beauty and living style by a creative masterpiece that result in love and passion transmitted from a generation to another.
Every Moroccan area and part reflects its geographical and historical identity in what we call the Moroccan rug that envolves many types, for example, the Beber rugs, sourced from Berber tribes, beni ourain rugs,Tuareg mats and much more different styles from the north to the Moroccan south.
One of the most typical rugs that gender many styles in the Beni ourain Rug,from white color the sandy creamy color, sourced from the beni ourain tribes located in the middle Moroccan Atlas, soft and classy with dark brown or black geometrical patterns and motifs shaped in double diamonds goes perfectly with the elegant neutral style that brings peace to your home.
Designed for cold weather that characterizes the middle atlas regions, heavy and warm these rugs can match perfectly with every room background, modern or artisanal, a perfection with natural color that adds the special Moroccan touch to your interior decor.
A handmade creation that besides its beautiful look, narrate the history of the very far cold atlas mountains.
From the white cloud  to the brown natural color, the Tuareg mat is a different kind ,so artisanal and wild this rugs brings a totally different style to you home, bohemian, nomadic and classy,these rugs are a combination of palm fibre tree and leather,covered by many shapes of symbols and different smell that travel your atmosphere to the nomadic styles of the south saharian tribes where mixed the taste of adventure and  freedom both of them inside your area.used to withstand the rough saharian weather and used for covering  floors and tents.full of saharian senses and history