Construction Techniques and Materials: The Art of African Dogon Doors

Are you interested in the tricky layout and craftsmanship of African Dogon doors? In this text, we are able to discover the development techniques and materials utilized by the Dogon human beings to create these lovely and practical works of artwork.

The History of Dogon Doors

The Dogon people, who stay within the Bandiagara cliffs of Mali, have a wealthy cultural heritage this is contemplated of their architecture and artwork. One of the most putting components of Dogon tradition is their specific wooden doors, which might be regularly embellished with symbolic carvings and geometric styles.

Dogon Doors

Dogon Doors

Construction Techniques

Wood Selection

The Dogon people generally use hardwoods which include mahogany, teak, or cedar to create their doorways. These woods are selected for his or her sturdiness and resistance to insect harm.


The elaborate carvings on Dogon doors are executed with the aid of professional craftsmen using traditional hand gear consisting of chisels and mallets. The designs often depict symbols from Dogon mythology and spiritual beliefs.


Dogon doorways are commonly built the usage of mortise and tenon joints, which give strength and stability. These joints are carefully geared up together without the usage of nails or screws.


Once the door is assembled and carved, it's far frequently completed with a protecting coating of herbal oils or waxes to enhance its beauty and guard it from the elements.

Dogon Doors

Materials Used


In addition to timber, the Dogon humans additionally use dust to construct their buildings and door frames. Mud is comfortably available inside the place and enables to insulate the indoors of the home from the recent African solar.


Leather is any other material usually used by the Dogon people of their construction projects. It is regularly used to create straps or hinges for his or her doorways, adding a hint of rustic appeal to the design.


Metal, which includes iron or brass, is every so often incorporated into Dogon doorways as decorative factors. These metallic accents may be hammered or solid into difficult shapes and styles.

Dogon Doors


The development techniques and materials utilized by the Dogon people to create their iconic doors are a testament to their inventive skill and cultural background. The use of conventional hand tools, natural substances, and symbolic designs all make contributions to the precise beauty of those works of art.