Decorate home with different styles of Moroccan rug

moroccan rug
The Moroccan rug , most famous artisanal pieces, around the world.Knowing by the diversity and colorful aspect, full of geometrical patterns and symbols that match their identity in a different location in Morocco. a wide range that contains many different kind of rugs: beni ouren rugs, tuareg mats, Berber rugs and much more, such an impressive masterpiece that brings all the moroccan sens, and authentic, bohemian style to your living space.

These vintage Moroccan rugs are everlasting and bring both of traditional and contemporary style to the interior decor , so, for example, we are going to introduce the beni ouren rug, sourced from tribes of the middle Atas regions knowing by their cold weather, handmaid by women of these tribe, used to protect them from cold and warm them,heavy and and soft brings peace with a whit natural colors that contains motifs in diamond shapes bordered by a black, dark brown color or a grey one. 

These fluffy rugs are designed and styled with elegant, classy and majustic patterns that invoke that beauty and the purity of atlas middle regions, that remind us of the berber living style.
such a perfect choice, for decorating the house with an authentic charming style, referred to the historical identity and geographical belonging.

From the middle atlas regions to the south saharian where we will be guests of a most typical rug, with its bohemian nomadic style, covers the floor with a strong symbolic patterns, where the charm of the sahara meets the elegance and natural sahraoui elements,the Tuareg rug sourced from the Mauritanian tribes, woven and concepted with palm tree fiber and leather, this rug resists the rough saharian weather and bring the nomadic traveler soul to the interior decor. this kind of saharian rugs is such a perfect adding to your home design.