For these reasons, the Tuareg mat is very demanded and reached rug

tuareg mat

Tuareg mats characterized by their patterns and symbols that narrate the story of style of living, are such an artistic masterpiece from the saharian tribes, one of the Moroccan rugs that connect the present with the very old-age period .the Tuareg mat is a handmade rug  considered as  native treasure, stylish and elegant adorned with tribal motifs, woven with natural elements and products, add a bohemian style to your interior decor and area.

Morrocan rugs are knowing by their vibrant colors, simplicity, and unique design that invoke the charm of Moroccan areas, each rug is characterized by colors and geographical patterns identical to their motherland .that’s the same case with the Tuareg Sahara mat that represents the history and the living style of nomadic saharian tribes.concepted and adapted to withstand the saharian weather, sand and cold, used  for floors or tents..

A combination of palm tree fiber and leather, a saharian elements and materials, that bring peace and calm to your house, the dark brown color of the rug mixe your interior decor with the identity of the way of life in the sahrian tribes.
Tuareg rugs are considered as an artisanal heritage, appreciated and reached by so many artisanal piece lovers and collectors.
With no artificial colors or materials  used ,these ecological rugs ,add that mystique touch,and keep your home stylish and out of the normal ranges .a gift from the experiences and travels of nomadic tribes  where the whole of their moments are memorized in each sleeve of it, woven by love and pride to belonging an interesting way and style of living, that for many centuries was the subject of much historical research. the symbols that cover theses saharian rugs have  strong meanings referred to the identity and belonging, each one with a different shape represents another side of the nomadic culture.