How to Choose a tuareg Carpet

The tuareg rug , also known as Tuareg mat or Moroccan mat is said to be the mother of all rugs. The tuareg rug, or Tuareg Rug is a large carpet with loops, fringed with wool fibers, and usually with patterns with african, Arabic, Moroccan, and Sahara motifs. It is mostly used as a floor mat, although it is also good for outdoor decorations. They are easy to clean and maintain and last for a long time. They are mainly made from the reeds and they sometimes have animal hair and skin in them. Sometimes they even have natural dyes inserted in them.

The tuareg mats are durable enough to resist wear and tear for many years. They come in an assortment of colors, usually of brown and black, which makes them ideal for decorating homes. They are cheaper than other types of rugs, but some are expensive too. You will get your money's worth if you choose the right one.

They are hand woven by tuareg tribes in their own village or in the border regions between Morocco and Mauritania. This is what gives them the unique quality and softness. These rugs are often passed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure that the high priced rugs you see in department stores are replicas.

Moroccan rugs are handmade and then delivered to customers who will be paying premium prices for hand woven rugs. These rugs are available in a wide variety of color combinations. You will find bright colors like yellow, orange, red, blue, green ad brown. Some are very delicate and so require dry cleaning only. These rugs can be cut into smaller sizes for use on floors, counter tops, walls and furniture. These tuareg mats can also be used as carpeting.

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Many individuals and families have found that tuareg rugs bring a certain warmth to their home. They have made their homes much warmer for those who want to use them. In warmer climates, these Moroccan rugs will help reduce energy bills because they retain heat and reduce drafts. It is believed that moroccan carpets were first crafted when nomadic tribespeople moved from their desert habitats to other areas in search of water and other sources of food. As the tribes neared their destinations, they would build huts around their tents and would cover their floors with loose weave, animal skins and fibers.

The average lifespan of a tuareg rug is between twenty and thirty years. This depends on how it is cared for and whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. When it is cared for inside, it should be placed with other thicker floor coverings. Wood and leather are good candidates for this. Natural cotton is better suited outside.

When purchasing a tuareg it is important to know the exact color that you want. Generally, a tuareg in its natural color will match most color schemes. However, it is often available in neutral colors or alternative colors. When you go to pick up the rug at the store, ask an assistant to help you find the color that matches the decor in the room where you plan to place it. If you have purchased one from a specialty outlet, they will usually have a color chart that can assist you.