How to Find a Tuareg Rug For Sale in Morocco

A tuareg rug is a unique type of Moroccan flooring that is handmade and has intricate design and weaving. It is made by the womenfolk of the Sahel region of Morocco. The fibers from this natural source are twisted, interlaced, and braided into beautiful patterns and designs. This native craft of the local textile tradition was an important weaving tradition in the Sahara Desert region of Morocco and Mauritania before they were conquered by the Europeans. This native textile was primarily an important tribal flooring textile from the old Sahel region of Morocco and Mauritania before they were conquered by the Europeans. This is the weaving that gives this particular rug its distinctive look and texture.

The tuareg rug has three characteristics that set it apart from other traditional Moroccan rugs. First of all is its size. It is the largest rug that is commonly seen in homes in Morocco. Second, it is made using reed camel and leather. And last, it has a unique moroccan color which is usually brown in shade.

tuareg rugs
These Moroccan mats has a long history in North Africa. Early Berbers made their home in Morocco. They migrated to places in Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and other African countries. When the Europeans arrived in Morocco they found the Berber people living in their customary villages making beautiful rugs. The Europeans were captivated by the beauty of these tuareg mats and started using them for flooring and interior decoration.

These wonderful rugs will never go out of style. They have a timeless beauty that adds warmth to any room. Their versatility makes them a great addition to any room in your home. They will fit well with a traditional room or a contemporary room.

Many countries have beautiful tuareg mats available for sale. If you are looking for one of these beautiful pieces to bring into your home, please visit our site. We have pictures of all the styles available for you to choose.