How to Style a Tuareg Rug?

Having awe for tribal, hand-woven, and catchy to eyes rugs – Moroccan rugs are one of the best examples. One of them is the Tuareg rug. They give you an extraordinary nomad and tribal look with a cliché touch of class. Depicting the culture of Morocco and its designs, it brings sophistication to your décor.

Tuareg rug

Five best ways to style a Tuareg rug

There are five best ways to stand out for your décor with Tuareg rugs. Let’s talk about how you can style your Tuareg rug.

  • 60’s inspired

If your living room is 60’s inspired, Tuareg rugs are must-haves. The 20th century-inspired furniture and Tuareg rugs go finely along with each other invoking the elegance and beauty of your living room.

Having antique decoration pieces and brown pots of plants and baskets full of stones can enhance it furthermore. Hanging up some white or monochromic wall paintings brings an unsolicited charm to your living area. Not only the living room, but you can also style your bedroom with a vintage coverlet above the bed and base with a Tuareg rug. Along with wall hangings of Egyptian wall art.

  • Doormats

Tuareg rugs are perfect for the doormats which are further redecorated by salted lamps and stone baskets in the doorway. This will impart a very classy look the moment your guests are about to enter your home. A simple tip would be layering your neutral vintage rugs to outclass any style. Piling them on each other would make them softer and improve the style. The entryways of your large rooms can also be styled with Tuareg regs.

  • Wooden-wooden all the way!

Are you too a wood lover? Your wooden floor and wooden furniture await the Tuareg rug to highlight their beauty. The shades of the wooden furniture and neutral Tuareg rugs are best for the living rooms. If you have a fireplace in your room, you can also place your rug near it. The natural, nomadic design that reflects the light of the fire will bloom your living room up or your study room.

  • Lanterns and Tuareg rugs

Moroccan rugs’ sizes are best for the corridors and balconies. Tuareg rugs in your corridor and Moroccan wall art would make it look like an art gallery at your home.

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling and Tuareg rugs running along with your balcony, with the plant pots by the corner and wall hangings is the best way to refresh you when you stand in your corridor taking in the evening breeze. 

  • Base It!

Old-fashioned rugs are never out of fashion. You can use Tuareg rugs as a base of pots, baskets, stools, or tables to bold the look of the furniture. Their natural and sophisticated classy look is not a heavy sight for the eyes. You can style your room by placing many small rugs around the room of different designs. These handmade rugs can also be used as bathroom mats giving a vintage view. 

Tuareg mat

- Final Thoughts:

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