Moroccan rug - Tuareg rug

Tuareg Rugs are crafted using leather and natural rattan. This native style of this native textile was an important tribal tradition rug in the Sahara Desert of Morocco and Mauritania. This traditional mat rug was hand woven using authentic leather and palm fibers from the Tuareg people of Morocco and Mauritania

The Tuareg mat is square and is cut to shape. The square shape is because of the interlocking edges of the pile. It can be easily recognized as a moroccan rug although nowadays many modern rugs are also shaped and cut in this way. The shape is such that it makes the Tuareg rug easy to clean. The unique characteristic of this type of rug makes it distinct from other rugs such as the Berber or the Arawak rugs.

Tuareg rug
The texture of this rug is completely smooth which is why it is also called smooth weave rug. Some fibers that are used to make the Tuareg mat are wool, cotton, jute, sisal, olefin, manila and rayon. This makes the tuareg rug quite expensive when compared to other types of rugs. Generally the rugs are crafted by the following fibers, Jute, Sisal, Jute, olefin and manila.
There are many reasons as to why the Tuareg mat has become a very popular choice with many people. These include its elegant design, light weight, natural beauty and the comfort that it provides. It is especially useful during the hot summer months when it is normally dry. However, this also means that you should regularly clean your furniture, bedding and other furnishings with warm water. The material that is used to manufacture the Tuareg mat is also different from the other types of rugs found in the market. The Berber made of wool is one of a kind because of its fine quality and long life.

Some people also choose Tuareg mats for their Moroccan home design. These are highly versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Another benefit of using this type of rug is that they are lighter compared to other types of rugs. They are also ideal for use in areas where temperatures are extreme, making it a perfect choice during cold seasons.

The people who live in the Sahara Desert are well known for their hospitality and the Tuareg people have adapted this trait. They were able to make their homes durable by practicing a lifestyle that combines both knowledge and art. Their furniture, bedding, accessories, sandals and even their rugs are designed with beauty and style. Their unique desert art is reflected in their rugs, mats and other items such as canoes. Being able to adapt to harsh desert conditions, the Tuareg people showed great patience and endurance, resulting in a culture that is rich in cultural heritage.