Moroccan rugs, a masterpiece full of the deep historical heritage of Moroccan tribes

Moroccan rug tuareg mat

Beni ourain rugs, Berber rugs,Tuareg mats, some rugs types from the wide range of Moroccan rugs, traditional and artisanal characterized by different patterns that match their motherland.

From north to the Moroccan south, the Moroccan rug is very typical with different shades of color and symbols that cover it.
The difference between the types of these rugs consists of its natural elements, their shapes, the colors and symbols that identify them each one has its own identity and goes perfectly with their tribes and regions that are what make from the Moroccan artisanal rugs so various.
Here we will talk about two completely different kinds, one of them conceived to resist the cold pf the highest mountains, the other one made to withstand the rough weather and sand of the Sahara.
The Ben ourain rug, from the middle atlas mountains, match the color of the snow with it natural white and sandy creamy color, heavy and warm, adorned with black and dark brown geometrical patterns or dots that refers to many strong meaning in Berber tribes.used for covering floor but also you can hand it on your wall, that’s what will make from your room a magical classy background.
Wit hits palm fiber tree and leather the smells of camels and mint tea, the queen of bohemian style ,the Tuareg mat ,a perfect combination with natural elements that brigs all the saharian sens to your area, used to cover floors and tents , this rugs add an amazing nomadic saharian style yo your area, with it different patterns shapes that import with them all the historical heritage of the nomadic heritage and cultural belonging . sourced from the Mauritanians saharian tribes, with its  dark brown color  that adds harmony and peace to you interior decor and characterize it by the bohemian and nomadic living style