Moroccan Tuareg Rug Hassira - Unique Varieties

moroccan hassira

A tuareg rug is a unique piece of art that has a unique woven design. These rugs come from North-Western Africa, but their exact origin is not known. It is said that these rugs were first discovered in excavations made by Charles de Waal in 1801. They are made of reeds and leather with geometric and other woven designs to identify them instantly.

These hassira rugs, which are made by the Tuareg tribe of Africa, are found throughout Morocco. They are used as floorings in homes and even used as decorations for the mosques. A Hassira rug is also a unique way to make a fashion statement by choosing one that combines tradition with modern trends.

One can never go wrong when selecting a Hassira taureg rug. The colors, patterns, and textures are all unique and offer an endless array of choices to choose from. This makes it easy to add a hint of African culture into your own home. Because they come in a large variety of colors, a tuareg rug should be an integral part of any room's design.

Many people associate tuareg mats with the Tuareg tribe of north-west Africa. These tribesmen traditionally make rugs using traditional methods, and their rugs reflect this heritage. The actual weaving process is different than standard Moroccan rugs, however. The materials are obtained directly from the local desert - the sole source of raw material - and so the fibers cannot be machine processed. While these rugs may not be very decorative, there is no doubt that they are unique.

Moroccan hassira rug
Another popular tuareg hassira rug is made with a unique style and knotting, which makes it stand out from other rugs. Often, the knots in these rugs do not resemble any other native style. They tend to be open, with no closed loops. The result makes for an interesting, unique pattern that is neither typical nor commonplace. A tuareg rug might feature a single, open knot or a cluster of knots. It might even have a loop sewn across the middle.

Because tuareg rugs can come in a wide variety of styles, they can easily be combined with other traditional African furnishings. For example, you could mix a checkered bed with a traditional moroccan sofa. By tying the two together, you get a unique, two-piece look that has all the charm and visual interest of authentic moroccan furniture. Of course, by keeping the motif central, you can make a cohesive theme, which would fit well with a modern apartment or house.

You can also find Moroccan tuareg mats on the market made of organic materials. They are usually made of natural fibers like leather and wool. These rugs provide an elegant finish to any room, especially those that are designed as home decor pieces. The unique look they provide makes it easy to incorporate them into your interior design project.

Today, you'll find tuareg rugs and mats available for use in many different rooms in homes. From bedrooms to living rooms, you can easily find one to fit your style. For more information about these unique Native American artisans' craft, take some time to shop online. You might even find it worthwhile to browse a number of websites for ideas and inspiration.

When selecting a genuine antique or vintage tuareg rug, bear in mind that the quality is often determined by the weaving method. For example, it's possible to get a much higher-quality, older model of Moroccan tribal rugs using traditional methods. However, while you can expect this type of rug to cost a little bit more, you will most likely be investing in something that will last for generations to come.

There are quite a few styles of tuareg rugs available today. If you're looking for a particular color, pattern, or design, there are quite a few options. You can also choose between different levels of complexity, including flat weave and intricate basket weaving. Many modern-day Moroccan rugs are produced using advanced weaving techniques that combine elements from several styles. Whether you need a single or a multi-colored rug, you can find something to match your decor at an affordable price.

Unlike other types of Moroccan rugs, tuareg tribal rugs are woven not by individual threads but rather by several layers of fabric. While this can make them look heavier than other kinds of rugs, the end result is usually stronger and more durable. In fact, many modern-day carpets made in the same old traditions as the old Beni Ourain tribes are made using tuareg fibers.