Sahara Desert Crafts - Tuareg Mat

A tuareg mat is made of natural leather and reed. This native design of this indigenous mat has been an old indigenous tradition in the Sahara Desert of Morocco and Mauritania . This old tradition of Tuareg rugs dates back to many centuries.

The tuareg mat has a very strong tribal heritage and origin, but has evolved over the years to become a modern product that is highly decorative and functional. It is the largest native product from North Africa. It is named after the Berber tribe of Morocco who were the first to colonize the area. They were the ones who first created the tuareg rugs, which were woven by women from their own community as well as from other Berber tribes. They were the ones who actually made the tradition of tuareg mats alive during the early times of their colonizers in Morocco.

sahara rug

Today, tuareg mats are still widely used by the Berber people of Morocco, the nomad people of the Sahara Desert . They come in many designs such as square, round, rectangular, octagonal, and hexagonal. They also come in different color variations of brown, gray, blue, green, white, and ochre. Most commonly made with sheep wool or camel hair. Sometimes these rugs use silk fibers, cotton, or synthetic fiber. Generally, the materials used for making the tuareg mats are softer than that of the sahara desert rugs.

The rugs are not only limited to being used on the floor or within the households. Today, tuareg mats are one of the most popular items sold in shops and malls. Some people even use them as decorative pieces inside their homes. They are also used on top of tables, shelves, bookcases, and even in bedrooms. The reason why these mats have been becoming so popular is simply because of their elegant designs, comfortable feel, and easy-to-maintain features.

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There are two types of tuareg mats in the market today. One is the traditional leather mat which is usually dyed in Brown. The other is the modern mat which is mostly used as decor pieces in homes, offices, and libraries. These two types of mats are differentiated primarily based on the material used to make them.

The traditional leather tuareg mats are typically made from snake-beaded camel hide. They are commonly crafted using gold and silver thread to help create a beautiful pattern. They are also made using brass, iron, and bronze to create beautiful patterns and color tones. These exquisite leather mats are known to be quite expensive, but they are also highly sought after due to their durability and high quality. In addition, these mats can easily last for decades if maintained properly.

The tuareg people who live in Sahara Desert regions typically wear these amazing hand-made crafts to protect themselves from the extreme heat of the sun and to keep their body temperature regulated. These mats are so comfortable to wear and most importantly, they are practical. As we mentioned before, they protect the body from dehydration while providing warmth during the day and cooling ones' body at night. Most of the tribes who use this type of mat do so as a part of their everyday attire.