The History of the Tuareg Rug

The tuareg rug is an eye-grabbing masterpiece, beautifully decorated by geometric symbols with interlocking shapes which cover its rectangular surface. The Moroccan rugs also hold the record of being the most sold antique artistic pieces around the globe, each one of these handcrafted masterpieces, woven with love, care, and devotion, a true style and simplicity of life in every Moroccan region. These beautiful rugs are also known as "crescent rugs" because of their interesting shape resembling the crescent. They are considered to be one of the most expensive and sought after handmade artwork around the globe.

A tuareg mat is made by weaving round wooden frames made of palm, ash, or grass fibers, using rawhide as a backing. The tuareg is then cut into strips which are woven together to make the actual rug. They are then dyed with a natural dyes from plants in the mountains of Morocco. Usually, they have different motifs that symbolize different things, such as the zodiac signs.

tuareg rug

While there are many types and styles of tuareg rugs, the most common ones are flat weave, vertical stems, and the taquehe. They are produced as floor rugs and used in homes, as well as interior furnishings and decorative objects. Their elegant designs look amazing when placed over tables, couches, beds, or even on walls. One major advantage of owning a tuareg rug is that they have no wrinkles unlike other kinds of carpets. Aside from their unique elegance, they are also very easy to clean and maintain.


The Tuareg people were originally from the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Because of their hardiness, they were able to migrate to the various regions of Morocco where they settled down. As they were nomadic tribes, they always moved around looking for new lands where they can settle down and grow cotton, dates, olives, dates palms, dates, pomegranates, and fruits. They are also believed to be one of the oldest ethnic groups in North Africa. The Tuareg tribe's homeland is currently located in Mauritania in the African continent.


The tradition of making tuareg rugs dates back to the early seventeenth century when they were used for floor coverings in homes and as adornments of furniture. With the progress of time, the use of the mats improved and they became more durable and resistant to scratching. Today, they are still being hand woven by specialized craftsmen in Mauritania and are considered the finest moroccan rugs in the world.

tuareg rug


When looking for interior design ideas, you will see that a lot of designers prefer using tuareg mats for floors, walls and even curtains. Their unique woven texture and colors makes them ideal for both home decorating and interior design. You will find them sold in a number of online stores at varying prices. Most of the online shops offer free shipping and allow you to make your purchase online. The tuareg rugs can be made to measure and you can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns.


The tuareg rugs have a long history of being used in the traditional Moroccan decorating. They are often paired with other native products, especially if the designs complement each other. For example, if an individual wants to create a traditional Moroccan living room, he or she can use lighter shades of red, yellow and green for the walls and darker ones for the furniture and drapes. They can also be mixed with other kinds of native materials, including terracotta planters, clay pots and other moroccan clay objects.


Today the tuareg community has largely dispersed and is no longer a discrete group with fixed headquarters. They are now much more likely to wear the traditional attires. However, they still like to use the tuareg rugs because they are a great way to create a warm ambience in a room. They are durable enough to withstand the elements and are relatively easy to clean. They are also relatively easy to care for and may require minimal cleaning every month when compared to other kinds of materials used in interior design.