What is Tuareg Mat ?

Tuareg mat

Moroccan rugs, a home made creation, known by its varieties and authentic charm that enchant and varies from a Moroccan rug to another, where creativity, passion, geographic and cultural belonging, meets the natural materials to realise a stunning piece of art.

It’s With a unique decoration, and combination of palm and leather that the tuareg mat invoke elegance, art and symbolise the history of the big Sahara, Sourced from tribes of Mauritanian Sahara, the tuareg mats adds a perfect arsenal, artistic and antique touch to the interior decor.

The vintage sahara mat is made and fabricated with palm tree fibers ,decorated with woven leather with a dark brown naturel color ,each streep of it present a peace  of the sub-saharian and saharian tribes history.each carpet caracterized by a symbol with a powerful meaning that leads you to reach and explore an other part of nomadic saharian cultur.

Typical,earthy design for indoor or outdoor decoration, used as a covering floor, this kind of rugs are durable, made to withstand the  Saharian weather,  connect your interior decoration and area with the african sub-saharian nomade style ,and bring peace, history and another way of living  style to your home.

Ecological, bohemian and traditional, Tuareg vintage rugs are very demanded and placed as a must-have piece for artisanal  rug lovers that insists on adding it in their rug collection. 

In your living room, bedroom or else, where ever placed, this piece of art take your soul up to the 20’s century where you can hear the voices of camels and Saharian wind, under the Sahara tent with melodies and traditional singing, and where you can smell and taste the mint tea and the freedom of nomads living style and their culture, all of this in your own home.