Tuareg mats the identity and history of a living style

Tuareg mat moroccan rug

Tuareg mats, knowing also as by Tuareg mat Sahara a nomination referred to the geographical belonging of this artistic Moroccan rug, that invoke the charm and the magic history of the south part of morocco.

The tuareg rug,is an eye-catching masterpiece, decorated by symbols with different shapes that cover its surface.

The Moroccan rugs lead the list of most reached artisanal articles around the world, each one of it was woven with love, passion, and pride,  handmade creations that represent simplicity and a style of living in each Moroccan area. that’s the case of tuareg rugs, sourced from Mauritanian Sahara’s tribes, made with palm tree fiber and woven with leather, with different symbols and tribal motifs, a perfect combination that will awake the nomadic traveler part of you.

Authentic, traditional with natural elements, this rug brings the wild style to your interior decor, destinated for both indoor and outdoor using, with different patterns and earthy brown color, full of history and cultural heritage, strong and connected with the origins and the bohemian nomadic impressive living style.

Kind of durable rugs conceived to resist the saharian weather, for covering floors or saharian tents, ecological and charming will add a perfect touch to your living room, your bedroom, or else.

Each sleeve is an incarnation of greatest stories narrated from the nomadic saharian and their unique adventures, that’s why these rugs contain different geometrical vibrant patterns with powerful meanings where you can have this ultimate connection with the very old-age history. this major traditional aspect and distinctive design add the elegance, Moroccan touch to your home, mixed with nomadic energy and the strong history of saharian tribes and their identity. For these reasons the saharian Tuareg rugs are a must-have article to add to the colorful collection of the typical rugs of morocco in your home decoration.