Tuareg mats, when elegance and Moroccan touch meets the history

Moroccan rug, tuareg mat

For so many years, the Tuareg Mats imposed itself as a very artistic traditional Moroccan rug, reached and cached eyes of so many artisanal article collectors.

As we know Moroccan rugs include so many kinds of rugs designed and referred to its geographical belonging .that’s why Tuareg mats are considered as an old-age Moroccan rug, that involves many historical and strong symbols, a cultural heritage of the way and living style of the saharian nomadic tribes.

The Tuareg saharian rug, as indicate its name, is sourced from Mauritanians saharian tribes, full of nomadic  history

A handmade creation woven by natural and ecological elements such as palm tree fiber and leather. adorned by many distinctive strong symbols and geometric patterns that invoke the history and the and living style of the nomadic tribes. Used as a cover floor and also as a cover saharian tents, styled and concepted to resist the saharian weather and provide a great protection from cold and sand. these rugs are so typical and charming, add a unique decoration, and the Moroccan touch to your home.

Stylish and elegant, with a dark brown earthy color, brings an exotic bohemian and charming unique experience in your indoor or outdoor. each sleeve of it have his own history, made with love and pride to be part of a major traditional aspect, caught eyes around the world and presented as a rich historical masterpiece.

Artistic imagery with impressive connection with the ancestors sub saharian nomadic people, where the arts meet the free souls. This sub-saharian rugs contain no artificial colors or elements, you can enjoy only the native natural beauty, combined with elegance, precision, and saharian materials.

A must-have article in your interior decor, that invoke all the spiritual peace and harmony to your area with its different shapes and patterns.