Tuareg Rugs - Rug Your Home With Elegant Tradition

The Tuareg rug, or Tuareg fabric rug, is an original Moroccan style, which is characterized by geometric motifs on a flat padlock-like backing or a flat woven rug. It is made up of a thick rectangle of coarse woven cloth having pointed corners. It can either be made on looms or by hand. The actual weaving technique is largely based on that of area rug making. 

moroccan tuareg
This means rough, tough and hard to deal with. These qualities of the material make tuareg rugs not easy to clean and wear. However, they are very beautiful to look at and come in many colors. They are often made using natural dyes, but synthetic and manmade colors are also used.

Usually, tuareg mats are square and circular. They have four diagonal sides, while the center has one solid side. The squares are sewn at the center or along the edges of the backing. Sometimes, they are cut with a pattern in them. Usually, the patterns are floral like leaves, fruit, animals, birds and geometric designs.

Sometimes, tuareg rugs are hand woven by the mothers living in a remote village. This is a unique and beautiful art form that is still thriving in some of the remote areas of Moroccan Sahara. It takes a long time to complete a single rug. Most people who live in the remote areas prefer this traditional craft over manufactured rugs because they can make such large rugs with great finesse. You will not find a bigger or more detailed rug making process than what is done in the Moruccan villages.

Some of the tuareg rugs can have real history behind them. A few examples of these are the ones made by the ancient Saharians hunders of years ago. These rugs depicted a spectacular world where life was abundant and creatures were plentiful. This is similar to the way that the modern day sahrawi have depicted their world. One difference is that instead of seeing trees and flowers, you will see a magnificent rainbow which is meant to symbolize the coming of the sun.

There is one important piece of information you must know about tuareg rugs. The rugs are raised on piles, usually made of wool or leather, and the pile is what determines the thickness, softness, and color.

Large tuaregrug

Typically, tuareg rugs will cost more than a comparable wool rug imported from Europe because of the higher cost of labour. If your budget does not allow for an imported luxury rug, then be aware that many manufacturers offer discounted prices for high quality, slightly used rugs. This helps those individuals who love their home and want it to have the look of luxury . In most cases, if you pay for the rug after a specified number of years, the discounted price will reflect on the rug's current price.

It should go without saying that you should make your selection of a tuareg rug based on its appearance, craftsmanship, and color. If you are unsure about which of these things matters most to you, then ask your guests or family members who may have purchased one of your rugs for assistance. There are many excellent online retail stores devoted to Tuareg rugs. Most of these companies offer free shipping to help you save money, although there are some sites that charge shipping costs. The vast majority of these websites take credit cards and allow you to have up to four different accounts, allowing you to keep track of your purchases and the rug you love best without having to keep two separate registers. There is no doubt that your Moroccan tuareg rug can become an investment in itself.