Tuareg Rugs - The Beautiful Rug originated in Mauritania

The tuareg rug is a unique African handmade hand woven rug. Formed back in the 40s, this hand woven rug is steeped in history and culture. Believed to have been produced by the ancient Tuareg tribe in/around northeast Africa. When weaving, the weavers would frequently interlay multiple pieces of hide along with yarn to make a long piece enough to weave a beautiful pattern. The tuareg mat was then beaten into tight knots to dry, and then tuareg was woven again.

Today, tuareg mats are still woven in the traditional manner and are available in hand woven patterns and modern styles. They are made in the same way as other African hand woven rugs, using natural dyes and vegetable based fibres. They are also often made from animal hair such as that from cows or sheep. This ensures that each rug is unique and has its own character, sometimes even going as far as being dyed a different colour from other rugs within the same family.

tuareg rug - tuareg mat

There are several different types of tuareg mats. One is the Dhufan mats which are slightly larger and woven from tightly knotted strands of plant material. They are often used in homes in the Sahara Desert to keep water away from houses and keeping them cool in hot temperatures. The woven Dhufan rug is quite durable, able to withstand the harsh desert conditions.

Another type of tuareg rug is the Berber rugs. These come in two main varieties; the white and the yellow ochre. Both varieties are made of wool, although the yellow ochre is much softer and often considered to be more beautiful than the white variety. The Berber rugs were traditionally used by the Moroccan people for many things including floor covering and wall hanging decoration. Today they still serve a similar purpose although with more decorative purposes. They are often used as decorative garden furniture, wall hangings and even in some interior design.

The most common tuareg used in modern day Mauritania is the square mat. This is the traditional Moroccan matting used in everyday life. This is a thick, sturdy mat that makes a great rug for use in the home or in the garden. The square mat is most often made from cow hide which is one of the most sought after skins for making a rug. It is the softest wool and has the most natural dyes that add to its beauty.

Many companies worldwide today specialize in the production of tuareg mats and other types of moroccan rugs. These rugs are beautifully crafted, highly durable and are often used in homes, hotels, gardens and as decorative pieces. If you are looking for a new way to decorate your home, consider investing in one of these beautiful hand crafted rugs. You will be delighted with their beauty and durability.