What is a Tuareg Rug?

A Tuareg rug is an asymmetrical piece of carpet made from reed and goatskin leather or camel. The Tuareg tribes of North Africa create these handmade rugs using traditional methods. They weave geometric and floral designs, and use dabbled stains and Berber symbols. The intricate craftsmanship of these rugs gives them a rustic feel that is distinctly African. Read on to find out more about this beautiful rug.

Tuareg mat - moroccan rug
The geometrical pattern of the Tuareg Rug makes it unique and quite ornamental. The fabric used to make those rugs is specific, and the tricky weaving of those rugs makes them work of artwork. They are nice suited for summertime use, and can be overlaid with a woolen rug for colder months. The wealthy symbolism of the Tuareg layout is displayed in opposition to a darkish brown background.

Originally handwoven with the aid of women in North Africa, Tuareg mats are now staples of high-give up design. Made from palm reed and complex leather-based strands, Tuareg mats are adorned with powerful symbols and feature a protracted lifespan, making them an vital piece for any home. If you'd like to very own a Tuareg mat, keep in mind the various advantages it is able to carry. It will give your home a high priced, individual sense so one can stand the test of time.

The Tuareg Mat, or Tuareg rug, is an vintage-age Moroccan piece that combines robust cultural symbols and provides a hint of Moroccan subculture to any room. The Tuareg rug is durable and immune to the tough climate situations of the Sahara, and its wealthy history may be a tremendous addition to your private home. These pieces are perfect for both indoor and outside spaces. So, get stimulated and begin designing your area with this lovely piece of artwork!

Large vintage tuareg rug

The Tuareg human beings are a tribe of semi-nomadic those who stay within the wilderness of northern Africa. They consider they may be the descendants of the legendary Queen Tin Hinan, who ruled the location within the 4th century. Their lifestyle has endured political difficulty and nonetheless keeps its splendor through breathtaking arts, music, and cultural traditions. A real warrior of the wasteland, the Tuareg humans are a brilliant source of suggestion.

These rugs also are considered actual, traditional, and environmentally friendly, as they're made with natural factors. They are suitable for indoor and outside use, and their records is wealthy in symbolism. They are also made to resist the saharian weather and are ecological. This is why the Tuareg rug has survived for the duration of the centuries. Its usefulness makes it a famous item in homes everywhere in the international.