What makes Vintage Rug Morocco special?

Moroccan-style rugs are typical Moroccan rugs that are fluffy, plush, have high piles, and are often made of wool. Geometric pattern patterns with soothing colors are popular in Moroccan hand-knotted wool rugs.


Moroccan rug


Moroccan carpets are known for their vibrant color combinations and bold geometric patterns. Moroccan rugs are known for their geometric designs, which vary from typical Persian rugs and add a sense of permanence.


Reasons that make vintage Moroccan rug special:

Let's have a look at some of the reasons that makes vintage Moroccan rugs special. We will discuss some of the most prominent features of Moroccan rugs.


  • They are versatile

They have very unique designs. You will not see the finish provided by these rugs. The quality is great and the patterns are treat to much. The old touch of culture also depicts with the designs. You will feel the comfort by using these rugs also.

So, you can enjoy the versatile nature of these rugs.

  • They are of high-value 

Vintage rugs are miniature works of art that can only grow in value with time. So, Beni Ourain has a rich past as well as a beautiful style.


Roving Berber tribes have managed to make very unique designs with superior in the process of adapting to the harsh conditions, which further includes the unique and beautiful ways of crafting, for centuries in the Atlas Mountains and their surroundings, especially the Riff range near Taza. 


Because of their distinct style, this group of Moroccan carpets was differentiated from other styles of weaving and given the name of their creators.


  • They are made up of high quality material

They're made entirely of pure sheep wool in a natural process. The majority of the rugs are hand-woven, making them among the finest rugs in the world. Since it is made of 100% pure sheep wool, it is known for its softness. To make these beautiful and soft rugs, tons of sheep wool is collected each year.


  • They come in eye catching designs

It's known for its unusual patterns and stunning architecture. The eye-catching designs on the rug make them really appealing. They are used in most formal places that have offices in living rooms because of their soft material and elegant nature.


They were used in ancient times in the most holy places of all kinds of religions. Many people like and enjoy them because of the high-quality materials and appealing designs.


  • Color dyes are not used

Moroccan rugs are so unique that they don't always have color dyes. This distinguishes them from other styles of rugs. They are very pleasing to the eye and enhance the overall appearance of the location where they are used. Moroccan wool is thought to be the most original of all wool extractions.




Moroccan berber rugs are prized for their soft texture, which makes them one of the best. They're also very lovely and stylish to look at. If you want a rug of the highest quality with a very soft material, you should consider Moroccan rugs.