Why do tuareg mat are a must-have in your interior design ??

Tuareg Mats
Tuareg Mats, knowing by it vintage look and autenthic charm that compliment the great history of nomadic saharian culture ,added to the witness list of the wide range of traditional moroccan rugs, and reflect another aspect of the diversity of age-old traditional artisanal charming and unique moroccan living style
The tuareg mat sahrara considered as a native treasure ,adorned with tribal motives symbols that catch the eyes and caracterize the identity and geographic  belonging of sub- saharians tribes. each part of moroco had a history that can be reached  in it different rugs concepted and woven, that’s what makes  of the moroccan rug a very demanded artistic piece.
Sourced from tribes of Mauritanian Sahara, the Tuareg mat brings an exotic, wild charm  with it’s diferent symbols designs, different patterns and  various motives with  powerful meanings  .a handmand masterpiece with natural elements and products, made with palm tree fibre and woven with leather resulting  a perfect combination and strong connection with the motherland .
Used as a covering floor or tents , tuareg rugs concepted to resist and withstand the Saharian rough weather, it can be used as  an interior decor to your home or area where you will be connected with the bohemian style mixed with a natural dark brown that match perfectly the geometric autenthic patterns of the rug. 
A must-have artisanal moroccan article, considered as a huge cultural and human heritage , a palaver tree where you can have this ultimate earthy connection with nomadic style, the culture of saharian tribs, their history and living way,
A symbolic imagery with deep meanings and details made from love and passion ,with precision and hands that touch the history of a generations of nomadic tribes in each step  was woved ,and each streep of it can narrate a story of an identity.