African Tuareg rug 6.5 X 10.1 Feet Tuareg rug

African Tuareg rug 6.5 X 10.1 Feet Tuareg rug

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This 6.5 X 10.1 Feet Tuareg rug was handmade by skilled artisans, who have been crafting Tuareg rugs since ancient times. Used as a part of nomadic architecture, these reed and leather mats are durable, able to stand up to being moved, stored, washed, and cleaned. They are highly resistant to weather conditions and manual handling, making them a long-lasting choice. In addition to their practical value, Tuareg rugs are treasured for their esthetic beauty, reflecting a mix of mysticism and African culture. Adorn your home and transport yourself to the African desert with this stunning handmade rug.

Dimensions : 201 CM X 310 CM = 6.5 FT X 10.1 FT


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