Custom moroccan rug - Berber handmade runner carpet

Custom moroccan rug - Berber handmade runner carpet

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This custom Moroccan rug is an artisanal masterpiece - it has been lovingly handmade with expert craftsmanship, allowing for a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Each rug offers a charmingly rustic style that has been a feature of Moroccan culture for centuries - make it a part of yours today!

Ref# HAMO114-13

Please note this is a custom wool rug, ETA of production bellow based of each:

We are committed to making this Moroccan rug for you by using genuine Moroccan lambswool; professional Moroccan adult women artists will be working on your order.

This will be an Authentic Hand-knotted Moroccan rug
Type: Handmade berber Moroccan Rug