Moroccan Straw Berber Wool Rug (5.9ft x 8.9ft)

Moroccan Straw Berber Wool Rug (5.9ft x 8.9ft)

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Fabulous Moroccan Straw Berber Wool Rug (5.9ft x 8.9ft)

This Traditional and ancient Style Zig-Zag pattern has always been a famous beautiful design especially when it comes to Carpets and rugs. And so here we bring this beautiful and Astonishing Hassira rug

This is a stylish and elegant Moroccan Straw Berber Wool Rug, that has a classic embroidery done over it. This mat is prepared from the best quality camel leather. Because of this high-quality leather, it has a very fine texture. 

Dimension : 181 cm x 251 cm = 5.9 ft x 8.9 ft

 Ref: L1-BR

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